Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Some more great ideas...

This just in from Randall Maxwell; I post it here (with his permission) because I think he has some great ideas. What do you think?

Dear Dean Lynch,

My name is Randall Maxwell and I'm a senior C&P, Cinema Prod major. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the Park advisory meeting on the 17th, but i had a few ideas for the future of Park students that I definitely wanted to suggest:

1) A general ideological change in the mentality of communications Students as it pertains to the exclusivity between the various Park majors. I might be wrong, but i've observed a common pattern with Park students: they hardly know any other Park students aside from those in their own major. If there were some way of bringing the film, TV, photo, and radio kids together from the beginning, I think the collbaorative nature of production will flourish. As an example of this, I've recently been directing television episodes for "Hollywood 101," (watch it if you get the chance, I think it's the best on ICTV!!). As a film student, the crossover to TV is beneficial for me (invaluable direction practice) and for the TV-R students who produce the show (getting a more solid visual>> style for the show).

2) I think every film student should be required to take an acting, art history, and philosophy course. Possibly business as well.

3) Another one for film kids (and this one will undoubtedly be the easiest to enact, if any at all): These days, it's difficult to get a crew together for a film student. As a solution, I think the film students should have a rush night just like the TV-R folks. Working on "Hollywood 101," I actually have TOO much help on set because the producers have a>> prime recruiting event (and because they're good at that stuff). And that kind of support from the underclassmen is exactly what film students are>> desperate for, plus the underclassmen will learn from the more>> experienced>> students (i had the privilege of working on two upperclassmen shoots when>> i was a freshman, and the benfit was positively reciprocal).

thanks for reading my ramblings, and i hope they are helpful in addition to the Park advisory meeting.


Anonymous Simon Tarr said...

go Randy! I think part of this is because the film students don't have a student org. Yeah yeah, there's a couple ad hoc things, but 1) they ebb and flow depending on who's interested, and 2) they look like (and probably are) fronts to be able to get extra equipment access. The film professional organizations (UFVA, AIVF) don't have a setup for chapters like PRSSA, SPJ, and so on. Well, yet.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget about OCLD students!!! We have lots of skills that can be utilized interdisciplinarily.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous adam shepherd said...

what about journalism kids? We have a lot to offer too.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Dianne said...

There is so much potential for collaboration across the departments; it's good to know that we are all on the same page about it...and hey Simon, maybe you should suggest that AIVF launch its first student chapter at Park?

5:08 PM  
Anonymous meg jamieson said...

It's interesting, the IC film club has been very active, with a large membership which crosses all areas of Park and also across Ithaca College, with acting students and music majors in some fair numbers. The Park students are also from all areas within park, even our famously busy B.F.A's taking part; Sasha Stefanova acting as President this semester. I've found the officers committed, intelligent and focused, even if a touch overworked.

They have more students than they can manage, in some ways; the number of projects that could be done is huge, yet they structure has held, though collegiality and common interest. They want to make work whose parameters are self-determined, and to raise the level of excitement around the larger filmmaking community; taking what happens (hopefully) in classes a step further. I think it's completely correct that there is a student organization, supported but not determined by Ithaca College, doing exactly this. And the move in the future is definately towards more interplay between departments, mediums, and yes, more access. At the moment, the IC Film Club actually uses very few resources; they use their own cameras and often, their own editing systems.

Anyone reading this who is interested in learning more about the club, the link is and will, I understand, be updated soon. There was huge turnout at the first meeting, and tabling with information about the groups is going on this week.

The organization you describe would play a vastly different role, and could prove to be an amazing addition, especially for resources and outside-of-Park opportunities. The park students are doing it on their own, to a very specific end, but the interest and energy are clearly there!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Randy, I definitely agree. I'm producing My Loyal Imposters this semester, it's all field shot like Hollywood 101. The thing I love most about it, however, is how interdisciplinary it is. Most of our main actors are Dillingham students, we have film students DP'ing, audio concentrations designing audio, journalism students helping out, as well as the requisite TVR kids such as myself. We all learn so much more from each other, and it makes for great television. I only wish more classes and shows took advantage of the many talented students from all majors.
-Andrea Adams

6:37 PM  

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