Sunday, March 27, 2005 sleep, lots of pizza, and $3,300 for charity: Way to go, 106-VIC! (AND BOY, AM I SORRY....)

NOTE: This posting originally said WICB instead of 106-VIC. And I KNEW that VIC does the marathon...but last night, in the rush to post about a dozen blog notes, I had a meltdown and got it wrong. No excuses. But a HUGE apology to VIC. Mea culpa. I am sorry.

A few days have passed since 106-VICs annual marathon for charity, but it's not too late to acknowledge and congratulate all the people who worked so hard to stay up, stay psyched, and raise thousands of dollars for a very worth charity.

(Drum roll......)....and their names are:

The hosts of the Marathon were Peter Davis and Kristen Zatina.

The "Street Team" of station manager Meaghan Schick and Ryan Whitcomb stayed up almost the entire 50 hours.

Other key people:

Josh Scollins, promotions director;
Jennifer Dame, marathon sales manager.
Maggie Brockmann, technical coordinator who set up almost all the remotes.
Jeff Cohen, music director, who also organized the battle of the bands at Castaway's, which brought in over $900.
Bobbielee Hubbard, production manager, who did a some of of the pre-production, plus the highlight tape.
Dan Henning, WICB's production manager, who did a ton of work, such as promos, good luck messages from the staff and IDs.
Heather Curtis, news director, who produced the information segments during the marathon.

And finally, Chris Wheatley, station adviser.

Congratulations -- and great work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that the annual marathon isn't WICB's. It's VIC's 50-Hour Marathon. It was simulcast on ICB, but it was the VIC exec and general staff that put it together, produced it and ran the entire thing. Other members of ICB helped, but the marathon itself is VIC's.

11:52 PM  

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