Thursday, August 24, 2006

Master the MacBook Pro!

As you all know, this fall marks the debut of the Park School's new laptop program, and all of our first-year students will arrive on campus this weekend with a MacBook Pro in tow.

That's pretty exciting, if you think about how much that will impact the way we do things around here. Park is now wireless, and one-quarter of our students will have the same powerful multimedia tools -- across all kinds of media types: audio, video, Web, text....

We're providing lots of support for the program, including a full-time Help Desk. And we're offering three different kinds of instruction for first-year students in the program:

1. There will be two sessions presented by Apple reps that introduce the MacBook Pro and its programs to all first-year students.
2. There will be workshops offered through ITS focusing on specific applications -- Garage Band, iMovies, etc.
3. There will be a one-credit course offered by Professor Ari Kissiloff, "Introduction to MacIntosh" offered Thursdays from 12:15 to 1:05 p.m. in Park 285. You can register for the course online. (If you need more information, you can contact Professor Kissiloff at, or talk to the associate dean, Virginia Mansfield Richardson, in the dean's office.)


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For much more info, check out the Park Laptops Blog

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