Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You should have been there....

It was amazing.

Tonight, a group of Ithaca College's most talented and extraordinary women showed about 400 young girls what it means to be strong, beautiful, talented and together.

Premium Blend, IC's all-female a cappella group, performed down at the Hangar Theater at an event designed to remind girls ages 5 to 17 that they have stories to tell, books to write and songs to sing. Three of Ithaca's most accomplished female writers - Anne Mazer, Ellen Potter and Megan Shull -- talked about their work, the writing life, and where they get the ideas for their characters.

But the high point of the evening was -- without a doubt -- Premium Blend, whose harmonies, rhythm and style dazzled their audience. Me, included.

When it was all over, I turned to my eight-year-old daughter, Annie, and asked whether she wanted to buy one of Anne Mazur's Abbey Hayes books -- which are among her favorites -- to ask for an autograph.

"Not really," Annie said. " But can I get a CD and ask them for their autographs?"

Annie wants to be a movie star when she grows up, and she knows talent when she sees (and hears) it.

Annie is now the proud owner of Premium Blend's "girl" CD (fully autographed), which she played at full volume for the 30 minutes between our arrival home and her bedtime. "I want to be like them when I grow up," she hollered at me as she danced around the living room.

Good idea, I told her. You go, girl.


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