Sunday, December 10, 2006

This just in: There IS life (and work) after college...

Amy Buglass, who graduated in May, just checked in to let us know how things are going -- darned well, as it turns out!

Well I moved to State College PA a week after graduation to work as a morning co-host at a top40 radio station. In short, the station ended up getting pulled off the air, I was moved to another then laid off, then picked up by another company to do solo mornings but my boss was a nightmare and I had to get out! I've sent out 30 (I kept count) demos since Hot103 got pulled off the air in July, but my perseverance paid off! As of January 1 I'll be working as the LEAD morning co-host at a 50,000 watt top 40 station in Lafayette IN, one of the oldest chr stations in the country, WAZY. But what gets more exciting that on my fourth phone interview with people there, I was speaking to the GM, Rick Pressader who told me that HE WAS GOOD FRIENDS WITH ROY PARK! it was so cool to hear him tell some anecdotal stories about him and to hear how he bought his first radio stations with the money from Roy Park's nephew's inheritance. I can't wait to get out to Indiana and hear more stories, I'll be sure to pass them along! You just never know when that IC connection is going to work in your favor, and I'm so glad it did in mine! Hope all is well :)

Don'tcha just love it when being a Parkie makes a difference? And isn't it amazing how often that happens?


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