Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another '06 alum makes good...really good (but we knew she would....)

This just in from Amanda Horning, an '06 grad and a Parkie through-and-through:

Dear Dianne,
Hello from Sunny Los Angeles!!! I was just cruising the internet and I checked in on your blog - seems like Park is still the happy, bustling, up-all-night-and-loving-it place I remember! I read Colleen's post and could not agree with her more. EVERY point she made was completely true. Here's a bit of my story:
When I graduated I was dead-set on 2 things: moving to New York City and being an NBC Page there. After a grueling application process, 2 interviews, a public-speaking presentation, and hundreds of dollars spent on bus trips to the city, I was not accepted into the program. Completely bummed out, I decided to flee to LA and try my luck where I had connections from the ICLA Program. I applied for over 50 jobs here when, thanks to a reccommendation from the guy I interviewed twice with in New York, I was accepted into the NBC Page Program in Burbank! For the first few months, I gave studio tours and worked with the audience coordinators for The Tonight Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Last Call with Carson Daly. I then applied for a three month Page Assignment in the Current Primetime Series department, and now, I work as an assistant to 7 executives who work directly with the writers of our primetime shows. I have a strong interest in On-Air Promotions, and because I work here on the lot, I have access to the people who can help get me there. I try to meet as many people as I can, when I ride the elevator, when I answer phones, even when I walk down the hall to the bathroom. What Colleen said is SO TRUE - knowing people is the most important part. Knowing that you can get what you want is the second most important part. I KNEW that the Page Program was for me, and so did the people I interviewed with. THAT got me the job. And now, I am happier than I ever thought I would be living in California!
My life here in L.A. is so connected to Ithaca that it's almost scary. There are 4 recent Ithaca grads who work on the NBC lot (one of them happens to be my roommate!). I live on the same street as 6 Ithaca alumni, I joined a band with 2 other Ithaca grads, and I'm even dating a guy I met in PPECS! I never would have met him if it wasn't for those looooong nights spent in the basement of Park... who would have thought?
I'd love it if you plugged the Page Program to any students who may be interested. For me, it was a perfect opportunity to work at a real job while trying to figure out exactly what aspect of the industry I wanted to be part of! AND the program comes with a special perk - Pages can get their friends and family on the Guest List for tapings of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! So let me know next time you come to L.A. - I'll get you hooked up!
Missin' Ithaca,


Anonymous Matt Antalek said...

It's official...Amanda Horning rocks! (But we already knew that years ago!)

10:21 AM  

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