Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You asked for it....and he'll be here this week!

Several of you have been in touch in the past year to ask me to PLEASE invite David Muir, a 1995 alum and one of the rising stars of ABC News (he was just promoted to co-anchor of "Primetime" and anchor of "World News Saturday!) to campus.

And in the "you asked for it, you got it" category:

David will be with us this week as the 2006-2007 Jessica Savitch Distinguished Lecturer. You can hear him speak (and meet him) on Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the Park Auditorium.

He's guest hosting Good Morning America this week, so he's leaving NYC on Wednesday afternoon, driving to Ithaca for the event, and heading back to NYC immediately after his speech so he can be back at work at 3 a.m.

How's that for somebody who cares about his fellow Parkies?

If you NEVER watch the news, you may not be familiar with David's bio...here are a few highlights:

David Muir is a correspondent for ABC News based in New York. He was just promoted to co-anchor of "Primetime" and anchor of "World News Saturday." He also reports for "World News with Charles Gibson," "Good Morning America," "Nightline," and other ABC News broadcasts. He serves as a substitute anchor on "Good Morning America" and frequently anchors the "World News" webcast. Muir joined ABC News in August 2003 as anchor of "World News Now" and "World News This Morning."

Since joining ABC News, Muir has been a lead correspondent on several major breaking-news stories. In August 2006, he reported from the Israel-Lebanon border covering the Israeli war with Hezbollah. In August 2005, Muir was inside the Superdome as Hurricane Katrina hit and stayed in New Orleans to cover the unfolding crisis. His reports for "World News Tonight," "Primetime" and "20/20" revealed the deteriorating conditions inside the Convention Center and Charity Hospital.

Muir reported from Texas during Hurricane Rita and from Florida during Hurricane Wilma. He reported from the Midwest and Plains states during the catastrophic wildfires, and he was also on the scene of the mudslides in La Conchita, Calif. Muir reported from West Virginia on the letters left behind by the coal miners during the Sago Coal Mine tragedy for "Primetime."

Muir has contributed to several in-depth series on "World News," including "America: Over a Barrel," "Cancer: Beating the Odds," and the broadcast's ongoing look at identity theft.


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