Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I wasn't kidding: NOBODY ELSE has those t-shirts...

Hey everybody,

I've been getting a few questions about the t-shirts we made for the first-year Parkies. Here are the answers:

1. Yes, it's true. ONLY Parkies in the class of 2012, including transfer students, will receive those t-shirts.

2. Yes, it's true, lots of faculty, staff and upperclass Parkies have been asking for the t-shirts. Sorry, guys. The whole point of the t=shirt campaign is so first-year Parkies will see each other across campus and immediately recognize another first-year Parkie -- which is possible ONLY if the only people in blue Park t-shirts are....well, first-year Parkies.

3. We'll do it again next year for the class of 2013 - but the t-shirts won't look like these. They're unique to this year's class (see #2).

So next time you see a group of students in this particular kind of t-shirt, be sure to go up, introduce yourself, and welcome them to campus. They're our first-year Parkies.


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