Saturday, January 31, 2009

ONE MORE TIME: The circle of ..... well, OK, life. And careers....

EDITORIAL NOTE: I first published this in early January. Since then, I've asked at least 50 seniors whether they plan to participate in this program. With few exceptions, they looked sort of startled and then (hey, they're talking to the dean), they all said, "oh, yeah, right, sure, of course I am, I'm working on it...." Here's the thing, guys: This is an opportunity to reach out to a professional and establish a mentoring relationship that could be the most valuable "step up" you have going for you in May, when you're looking for a job. We created this program to be sure that we're all taking full advantage of our extraordinary network of alumni -- hundreds of whom are really excited about this program and really want to help. So why WOULDN'T you participate?

I talked to Eloise on Friday afternoon. A small number of you have already applied. The deadline is MONDAY.

You need to fill out the form, get a faculty recommendation, and an unofficial transcript.

It's not too late.

And it may be the best job opportunity you'll have all semester.

One more time, here are the details:

If you're a senior Parkie,

and you're thinking about landing that dream job (and if you're not thinking about that....why not?),

have we got a deal for you!

We're going to set you up this spring with a successful professional mentor.

And you're going to have the opportunity to ask all those questions you're too embarrassed to ask in a job interview....things like what should go ON in a job interview, how you make a good impression, what kinds of questions you should ask, and how do you connect with people in a professional network, anyway?

It could easily be the most valuable and important "career starter" of your life (to date).

And it's designed just for you -- from one Parkie to another.

Here are the details:

Participating seniors will be matched one-on-one with successful alumni who have agreed to participate. Seniors will meet with their mentors three times during the spring semester; these discussions usually take place on the telephone, but some mentors and students do get together in person (particularly if the mentor is working in New York). The conversations focus on a different topic each month: Resume/Portfolio critique, Interviewing, and Networking.

As you consider whether to apply for this program, please remember that our alumni’s time is among the most important assets they have; it’s pretty amazing that they’re willing to give so much of it to you. That means you really need to be available (on time!) and prepared for every meeting as scheduled; it’s a commitment that matters to you, to your future, and to the Park School (they won’t do it again next year if you don’t respect their generosity this time!).

If you’re interested and can make the commitment:
Eloise sent you an application by email, or you can get one from her up on the third floor of Park (NW corner!). You fill it in (TYPED, please), attach your resume and unofficial transcript to it, and return it to Eloise by MONDAY, Feb. 2.

You also need to pick up a Recommendation form and give it to the faculty member or student media adviser who likes you the best, so he or she can say wonderful things about you. Ask them to do that, and turn that in to Eloise by Monday, Feb. 2, too.

Eloise is available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to stop by her office (Park 335).


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