Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flash Forward! Parkies headed to Comedy Central....

They're hilarious.

They're irreverent.

They're Parkies.

And they're WINNERS!

IC's favorite web-sketch comedy group, Cannibal Potluck, posted its videos last week to a sketch comedy web site that puts its best videos up on Comedy Central.

And after four days of public voting and a showdown against two other works, talent prevailed and Cannibal Potluck is headed to Comedy Central!

Here's the summary from Matt Portman:

"The video was made for John Scott's intermediate field class last spring. Our group was Producers: Zach Capp and Meredith Kile, Director Matt Portman (Thaaaaat's me) and DP Nick Lareau (Nick and I edited it too). Obvously the rest of the Cannibal Potluck gang was involved as well, Sean Brogan (wrote it with a bit of help from Ram Calley, class of 07) Harrison Flatau, Dave Newberg and Jake Alinikoff (supreme actors) and of course a little extra help from some extras and PA's Matt Lesko, Dan Licata, Katie Miller and Amanda Ahmad.

Chris Winn and Ben Roque were extras too as the cops who shoot Jake. Ray Decker, Lauren DiLorenzo, Nate Loucks, Rob Bowman, Eric Gendron, Dana Matson, Jeff Picarello, and Dan Holden were also extras in the party."

Take a look: Flash Forward....


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