Tuesday, September 21, 2010

help Prof Peruta raise money for Endure to Cure!

Last month in British Columbia, Prof Adam Peruta (Strategic Comm) completed a triathlon called Ultraman Canada. The Ultraman is a 3-day, 318.6 mile, individual ultra-endurance event – you swim 6.2 miles, bike 261.4 miles, and run 52.4 miles.

On November 26th he will be competing at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. In the past 17 years, only 12 athletes have completed both of these events in the same year... he will be the 13th. As part of his journey, he is raising funds for the Endure to Cure Foundation, a non-profit that raises money for organizations that research, treat, and provide care for pediatric cancer patients.

What sets Ultraman apart from other events are the traditional Hawaiian values of aloha (love), ohana (family) and kokua (help). In the spirit of these same philosophies, Endure to Cure is an organization that impacts lives by creating tangible differences for children and their families. These differences can last a lifetime.

The money that he raises as an athlete on Team Endure to Cure will go to fund a 2011 pediatric cancer survivorship study at the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital. This study will research methods of reducing the long-term effects of the harsh treatments on these young patients. 60% of these children will suffer life long side effects. Often these side effects are severe, even after they have been deemed cancer "survivors." Collectively, they are trying to raise $50,000. Please consider making a small donating to this cause. Your donation will not only help us reach our goal, but will support the many children suffering from pediatric cancer on their life long journey to explore their limitations and achieve great things.

As a bonus, the top three donors will get their name printed on a custom jersey that Prof Peruta will wear during the event. Please donate now using the link below.


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