Monday, February 14, 2005

Wahoo! Aren't we amazing?

Every time I turn around, people around here are winning another award.

Today, I was informed that Ithaca Time Warner Cable honored three Ithaca College Television programs from Fall 2004 in its 20th annual Pegasys Awards ceremony February 11. Local public, governmental, and educational access programs on cable channels 13, 15, and 16 competed.

And the winners were.....

• “Newswatch 16” (producer Michael Geller) won the Newscast/Magazine category. NewsWatch presents Tompkins County news live at 8:00pm on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
• “Work in Progress” (producer Nathan Brown), which showcases student films and videos, won the Performing Arts category.
• “The Solarium with Professor Smedley Drake,” a satire produced by Jesse Porter, and “Newswatch 16” were named Best Educational Access programs. Time Warner will enter them in the Hometown Video Festival, a national competition sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media.

And kudos go to Professor Gordon Webb in TVR, who was informed today that he will receive an Award of Excellence at the Broadcast Education Association's Festival of Media Arts in April for his “Jukebox” promo.

Congratulations to you all! You make us proud to be Parkies.


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