Thursday, March 31, 2005

And Speaking of Correction: A Humble Apology


Well, even good journalists make mistakes once in awhile. And ethical ones admit to them.

Here I am, being ethical (and sorry):

Last Sunday, in a very late-night flurry of blog postings, I congratulated many of our students who participated in the 50 Hour Marathon. I told them what a great job they had done and what an important effort it was. And I addressed all of that praise and thanks to the WRONG STATION. I KNOW that 106-VIC does the marathon; in fact, it was going on last year when I came to campus as a candidate for the dean's job, so it was the first major student event I was introduced to at Park. But the hour was late and my concentration was....well, not very concentrated. And I made the mistake.

106-VIC: I am sorry.

And great work on the marathon.



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