Thursday, March 31, 2005

PreVues was fabulous...

I just got back from tonight's PreVues event, and I have to tell you: We have some pretty amazing -- no, really amazing -- filmmakers in our midst. Tonight's features included animated, experimental and narrative films, and every one of them was compelling, and engaging, and moving -- all the things great films are supposed to be.

This was the first time we've held the PreVues event at home in Ithaca instead of in NYC or LA. We had a great turnout, a terrific screening, and lovely reception at Juna's afterwards -- what a success!

Thanks to Melissa Gattine and April Korpi for all their hard work, and to the members of the PreVues Committee who judged the entries and put the reel together.

And congratulations to all of the filmmakers whose work was judged best of the best!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

PreVues was fabulous! Let's keep it in Ithaca from now on.

12:21 PM  

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