Sunday, April 03, 2005

Interested in long-form journalism? Consider Magazine Writing next fall

This just in from the Writing Department:

Fall 2005 course:

377-34000-01    Magazine Writing   HU LA     3 credits        TuesThurs 1:10 p.m.  Williams 314

This course provides students with experience in researching, writing, and marketing magazine articles, with an emphasis on features. We'll study various types of articles and analyze a wide variety of magazines for their content, audience, and editorial policy and slant. Students learn advanced reporting, research, and interviewing techniques, as well as how to write query letters to editors.

All students write for the particular magazines of their choice (4 features -- two shorter and two longer, plus one sidebar story), with an emphasis on revision for focus, development, and style. Publication is encouraged but not required.

Basic interviewing and journalistic research skills are assumed.

• junior standing or above
• 377-33100 Feature Writing  or 227-11100  Introduction to Journalism or
        permission of instructor (students without course prerequisite need to show evidence of journalistic experience)


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