Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ever write a script? Ever want to?


ASK SCREENWRITER ALLAN LOEB, an alum who has made it in the highly competitive screenwriting industry -- but not without a lot of tenacity, luck and talent.

Come here him talk about what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

The details:
Tuesday, October 18
4-6 p.m.
Park 220.

And some more info on him:

Screenwriter Allan Loeb moved to Hollywood in 1993 after attending Ithaca College from 1988-1992.

His first sale was a pitch to DreamWorks in 1997 titled "The Second Time Around." The script was rewritten by a major writer, then that draft was rewritten by another major writer until finally the studio put the project into turnaround. Allan then spent the next six years selling various pitches and scripts to Paramount, United Artists and Fox. After being replaced by other writers on most of those projects, none of the movies were made.

Frustrated and almost broke, Allan considered leaving Hollywood for more conventional work in 2004. He moved to New York City to write a personal story, “The Only Living Boy in New York.” He thought that would probably be his last script.

Sony bought “The Only Living Boy” in March of 2005.

Since then, Allan's career has taken off. He is currently booked till 2007 and has to turn down writing work every day.

Come meet Allan Loeb and find out what it takes to be a screenwriter in Los Angeles.


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