Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Math: Time to get over it....

Last night's Dean's Advisory Council meeting focused on a wide variety of topics, including the degree to which Park students should be required to take a "core curriculum" of courses outside the Park School.

It appeared that most of the students in attendance agreed about the value of a core curriculum that required students to take a wide variety of liberal arts courses across various disciplines; professional communicators need to be well rounded, well informed and well read.

There was less consensus about the particulars -- such as the question of whether students should be required to take a math course.

After some discussion -- which focused on everything from the importance of knowing how to put together a production budget and the fact that at least some of the folks in the room could be described as "math phobic" -- there was general agreement that math (well, certain KINDS of math, like applied math that was targeted at things communication professionals might need to know....) might be a good idea. Maybe. Perhaps.

The group also talked about plans to renovate the Park lobby; changes in the Organizational Communication, Learning and Design degree (its name, not its curriculum); the possibility of reinstating later hours in the Park School for the last half of the semester; the proposed laptop program (should it be Mac-only?); the CellFlix Festival, which begins Nov. 1; the Twilight Zone conference in April; Ira Silverman -- investigative journalist responsible for great New Yorker reporting on the mob -- and his visit to Park Nov. 2....and the new chairs in the lobby!

If you feel out of the loop on any of those topics, come to the next Advisory Council meeting; we'll fill you in.


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