Thursday, February 23, 2006

Madrid is incredible, OCLD degree invaluable

This just in from Janet Williams, an '05 grad who is in Spain this year on a Fulbright fellowship -- proof positive that if you haven't thought about applying for a post-grad Fulbright, you should:

> Dear Dianne,
> How are you? I hope this e-mail finds you well. I was delighted to
> receive a Park Alumni e-mail this past week and see all the wonderful
> things that were happening in Park this year. Parkies never cease to
> amaze me with all the impressive things they do. I also saw the
> CellFlix festival, which seems absolutely incredible.
> I am doing very well in Madrid and having an amazing experience. My
> Fulbright has been an incredible opportunity. I am working in a high
> school right outside of Madrid as an English teacher. I am helping to
> implement a new initiative by the Community of Madrid to start a
> bilingual classroom program in the Spanish educational system. Even
> though I spend most of my days teaching English, I am also using my
> OCLD degree constantly! I have been helping to create an
> organizational identity and operational policies for our new bilingual
> department. My students right now this week are working on creating a
> classroom newspaper (more Park influences!), so I am delighted that I
> can apply my degree in so many different ways.
> My job keeps me very busy, but I have found some time to travel around
> Spain and to see a little bit of Europe. I really do enjoy Madrid,
> but I must say I miss Ithaca! It is too dry to snow here, so I
> actually find myself missing ice on my car every morning and snow on
> the sidewalks (crazy I know!!), although I heard the winter this year
> wasn't so bad in Ithaca. I do hope you are doing well. I can only
> imagine how busy you must be with all these wonderful events,
> programs, and awards coming out of Park. I just wanted to drop you a
> line and let you know how nice it was to receive the Park Alumni
> update.
> Take care,
> Janet


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