Monday, March 27, 2006

Have you seen this?

Have you all taken a look at Imprint lately?*

For those of you who have taken a bit of a break from the college's (relatively) new online magazine, it's time to go back and take another look. It looks GREAT: great stories, great graphics, great design.

When a small group of students came up to me in the fall of 2004 -- about 15 minutes after I arrived on campus -- and told me they wanted to start an online magazine, I said what I always say when students suggest taking on a really exciting, incredibly demanding initiative: Go for it! I offered to do what I could to help, and to incorporate the new publication into 'official' Park student media if it was still around after a year.

We're working on two....and it has never looked better.

Congratulations to the magazine's staff, its writers, its editors, its chief editor (Chris Baxter, who has been the driver behind this project from the beginning) and to its faculty adviser, Kim Gregson.

It's just another example of what can happen when really smart people get together to do something important.

Something important happens.

PS Sorry the link isn't live. Blogger has this really stupid issue with embedding live links from its interface on Macs....


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