Sunday, March 19, 2006

Park does it again!

We know we're the best, but it sure is nice when the rest of the world recognizes it, too.

The good news is, it happens all the time. And no, we never get tired of hearing it.

This weekend, ICTV and The Ithacan have once again taken "Best in Show" awards at the national College Media convention in New York. The awards are given in recognition of a particular issue and broadcast presented since March 2005.

Congratulations to Beth Quill, editor of the Ithacan, and to Matt Antalek, station manager of ICTV; to Michael Serino and Eloise Greene, advisers to the newspaper and television station; and to all of the students who work so hard -- every single day -- to make our student media the best in the country.



Anonymous Aaron Inver said...

As the producer of the March 14, 2006 Newswatch 16 newscast that was taken to NYC, I just wanted to thank each and every person who was involved in the cast. The show was great, and so are you guys! Congratulations and good work!

10:58 PM  

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