Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wanted: Park students who make music


I'm in the process of working with a Web guy to create a Park School space on As you all know, sites on myspace can incorporate streaming video, chat, IM, and streaming audio.

We're setting up a page for music -- music created by Park School students. And we're looking for the bands of Park students that might be willing to let us post their original music.

Once it's finished, we're hoping the PS myspace will serve as an online community where you -- current Park students -- will have a chance to connect with future and former Park students: For newly accepted students, it'll be a chance to find out what Park is really all about. For alum, it'll be a chance to check in and see what you're all up to now. And for current students, it'll be a place to make connections with alumni...that networking thing.

But first we have to build it (ever watched Field of Dreams? If you build it, they will come.....we hope). And we have lots of video already; we'll be in touch to ask your permission to post it (or you can submit your work, if you want to).

But I know that some of you are in bands, and that those bands make some great music -- and this would be a way to get some exposure....who knows? I may be able to talk our most successful alum -- including the VP of Sony Studios -- to stop by and listen.




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