Sunday, August 27, 2006

Park Alums, Faculty, and '06 Grads at the US Transplant Games

The US Transplant Games is an Olympic-style athletic competition for recipients of life-saving organ transplants. The event is presented by the National Kidney Foundation, and is held every two years in cities around the country. In June 2006 the US Transplant Games came to Louisville, Kentucky, with over 1200 athletes and 5000 family and friends supporting their efforts. The primary goal of the event is to raise awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation in the US, where 18 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. Since 1990, the on-site video production efforts at this event have been managed by Stuart Katz (TV-R '83) who is also a part-time Park faculty member in OCLD.

This year Stuart thought it would be a good idea to stock the crew with as many IC people as possible, so 10 of the 15 members of the crew were Park alums. Working with TV-R Asst. Professor Peter Johanns to find the right mix of talent, the crew included:
Rick Stone '01 - Senior Producer
Craig Shuster '02 - Field Producer
Peter Busa '05 - Videographer
Chris Lavinge '06 - Videographer
Jason Edwards '06 - Videographer
Rory Schulman '06 - Audio Engineer
Steven Gallen '06 - Audio Engineer
Chip Drahos '06 - Audio Engineer
Ian McCarthy '06 - Post-production Coordinator

For four days non-stop, the crews covered the emotion, determination, and excitement of heart, liver, and kidney recipients competing in 13 team and individual sports. In many cases, the family members of the organ donors were on hand as well to see how their decision to donate saved lives and families. The National Kidney Foundation was highly impressed with the
work of the IC crew. Ellie Schlam, Director of Communications for the NKF said that "the closing ceremonies video was beautiful and though it seems impossible, even better than in 2004. The requests for that video began coming in as soon as the torch was extinguished. You made the Transplant Games a very special experience for thousands of people."

Photos from the event and the video produced on site in Louisville can be seen on the official web site for the event at


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