Sunday, October 29, 2006

This just in from an '06 grad: There IS work after graduation!

Hello everyone, it's me Tony touching base with you all. Everything is going well; I am currently in New Bern, North Carolina working as a news photographer with WCTI 12, an ABC affiliate in New Bern. I work dayside shooting and editing news on DVC Pro cameras and linear editing systems. I also operate microwave trucks and hopefully someday soon, the satellite truck. Our station is big on going live and we'll go live just to be live sometimes, but it makes for a good training ground for me as far as and execution of live shots.

We also have a 20 minute football highlight show called "The Blitz" on Friday nights that involves about 8 photographers driving all over North Carolina shooting high school football games and feeding highlights from bureaus or driving them back to New Bern. On a typical night each photographer will shoot and edit 2 to 3 games. One night last week, I shot 3 games, and did a live shot at another high school. I
also volunteer to shoot additional football games on Saturdays and have gone
to shoot a UNC Chapel Hill game as well as the Wake Forest, NC State game
last weekend. So overall, I'm keeping busy, I hope everyone is doing well.
All the best!

And by all means, don't be strangers!
Tony Sabato


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's also opportunities before graduation...

I thought this site might be helpful for some aspiring directors and actors (Parkies!).

10:32 PM  

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