Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Ithacan Takes Top Honors - Again!

It occurred to me on Wednesday that it's late October -- and that means it's time for freezing rain, Halloween parties, and an announcement from the Ithacan that it just brought home top honors from the national college media conference.

Sure enough, just like clockwork, it's been raining like crazy, it was a big Halloween party weekend on campus, and Ithacan adviser Michael Serino emailed me this morning.

They did it again.

The national conference of the Associated Collegiate Press was held in St. Louis this weekend; it's the major college media conference of the year, and it's the site of the annual college media awards.

Last year, the Ithacan came home with a Pacemaker Award, the "Pulitzer Prize" of college journalism.

This year, it brought home another one of those. AND an Online Pacemaker Award, AND First Place in the "Best of Show" competition for its October 12, 2006 issue.

In other words, it was a clean sweep. Top honors all the way around.

No matter how many years in a row the Ithacan manages to be the best, every year is a new editor, a new leadership team, a new challenge.

And every year is another opportunity to appreciate the long hours, major talent, and incredible commitment it takes to produce our community's weekly newspaper.

Congratulations to all of you who contributed to the newspaper's success and excellence -- and thanks for giving the rest of us another reason to be proud that we're Parkies.


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