Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Talk about multimedia! Quabble goes digital...


It's one thing to create a great television show.

It's another thing to design an ad campaign that promotes a product.

And it's something else again to create and post a great Web site.

(OK, OK, so you know where this is headed....)

But it's just business as usual here in the Park School.

A group of students in our Mass Media class (including Heather Newberger, Luke Elmers, Ivana Lebron, Elise Stevens and Dominique
Manzione) got together to design a promotional campaign, including a poster and a Web site, to draw public attention to one of ICTV's most popular programs: Quabble.

The result is ...well, it's Park. All over the place.

Take a look: Quabble.

Cool, eh? Very.


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