Thursday, January 25, 2007

No surprises: Saw course over-enrolled

Hey everybody,

Many (MANY) of you got the email from April about Dan Heffner's course (he's the producer of the Saw movies) and rushed to get online and register.

So many of you, in fact, that the course filled up completely -- and then some.

Since then, we've been getting all kinds of emails and calls about overrides. And I'm sorry, but we just can't do it; there are already 60 students in the course and that's all the seats we can possibly allow.

Here's a tip: The course was announced on the blog for a couple of days before April sent the email -- during which time there were plenty of seats.

And you know, ALL of the opportunities in the Park School -- from mini-courses like this one to trips to France and Olympic internships -- always show up on the blog first (it's that deanly thing -- I get to do the fun stuff, like telling you about all the great activities in the school....).

So you might want to bookmark this site and check it on a regular's probably worth your time (if I do say so myself....)



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