Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Poverty, Panic, and the Greening of....FLEFF brings extraordinary classes to IC

The FINGER LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL 2007 will bring more than 100 special events to Ithaca between March 26 and April 2, including a series of exceptional mini-courses open to IC students across the college.

Take a look:

The Greening of Corporate Management [BINT19700-01]
This course aims to create an awareness of the extent of environmental degradation and will examine different approaches to green corporate management. Concepts of environmental ethics will be introduced. June Wu, Instructor

Poverty, Panic, and Population Health [HPS 39901-01]
FLEFF themes touch on many issues in international health. The role of cities in concentrating poor people and the role of panic and fear in relationship to public health will be discussed along with the role of cartography in addressing public health issues. Stewart Auyash, Associate Professor
We Have Issues: Exploring the Environmental Context behind Films [ENVS 10300-01]
This mini-course will explore the underlying environmental issues in selected films from a scientific, cultural, ethical, historical, and political perspective. Five films will be selected and a team of faculty from environmentally-related fields will provide students with background information on one of the specific issues that will be portrayed in the film.

Beyond the Maps [FREN 22000-01]
This course will explore how five French and Francophone Festival films challenge our sociological, philosophical, sexual and esthetic maps. These movies show not only different cultures and environments with which we are more or less familiar, but also lead spectators to think about their own cultures and prejudices. Patricia Gravatt, Assistant Professor

Required Viewing: The Best of the Fest 2007 [GCOM 29206]
FLEFF 2007 is screening current, cutting-edge films from around the globe that address a variety of scientific, cultural, and political issues by exploring four interrelated themes: Maps and Memes, Metropoli, Panic Attacks, and Soundscaping. Students will attend five screenings, participate in question/answer sessions with the filmmaker(s), attend one meeting at the start of the festival, and students will prepare a short, written summary of each film and the specific issue(s) it addresses.
Stephen Tropiano, Assistant Professor, Program Director, Ithaca College Los Angeles Program

Storyscapes [GCOM 29206]
It's no accident that our ears are on the sides of our heads: the world is a three-dimensional place. But stories need to move forward. Radio producer Jon Miller ( leads students through an exploration of real-world storytelling using real-world sound. This mini course will emphasize the decisions sonic storytellers make, from where to point the microphone to how to weave
together disparate sonic elements to reconstruct reality.

Live Sound for “Silent Film” [MUNM 27100 – 01]
This workshop course will focus on developing a sound design for the film, His People to be screened on the closing night of the festival. Prerequisite: Digital Recording and Editing, or Advanced Audio Production, permission of instructor. Peter Rothbart, Professor


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