Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gossa's work changes lives

This just in from Barry Derfel, a staff developer in the Ithaca School District and an IC alum. Derfel is using Professor Gossa Tsegaye's film, "Dream Street on Buffalo Hill" in his workshops and he needs another copy; he's afraid the one he has is being worn out from overuse!

Hello Mr. Tsegaye,

I am a staff developer in the Ithaca City School District, and my responsibility is to support staff, administration, and community in the work to eliminate race, class, and disability as predictors of success. I am also an Ithaca College graduate, and a former student of Janet Fitchen's. I have been using your video in a workshop series
entitled "Creating Schools Which Affirm Rural Youth," and I have been requested to run a number of workshops for small groups of staff at Ithaca High School. I am wondering how to obtain more copies, since the one copy I have was leant to me by Sue Rakow, another staff developer, and I am afraid it may eventually wear out....

Thank You.

Barry Derfel

Nice to know that Gossa's work is making such a difference.


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