Monday, October 22, 2007

Toronto was a BLAST!


The Parkies who have been working (and I mean WORKING) since June on the Innovation Incubator project had their big day on Thursday in Toronto -- and they were a smash hit.

As you may know (if you read this site on occasion), the Park School is part of a project being funded by the Knight Foundation this year to create new approaches to community news. Thirty-six students and seven faculty from seven journalism schools around the country came to campus in June, and most of them have been struggling, rejoicing (well, sometimes), and just-plain-hard-working through the process of innovation ever since.

On Thursday, they stood up in front of a conference-room audience of more than 150 professional online journalists (at the national Online News Association conference) and presented their ideas.

And the audience loved it -- so much so that I've been getting emails from professional online news organizations that want to adopt them, to turn these great ideas into real applications and sites that will serve real audiences.

I want to thank and applaud the Parkies who made our participation - and the success of the project -- possible. It wouldn't have happened without them, and they deserve as much credit and as many kudos as we can give them (it was one heck of a challenge).

Congratulations to Kyle Bosman, Christina Caraco, Brian Kolczynski David Schulman and Jeff Tatanus! Great work!


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