Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OK, so everybody who buys a hoodie... support the Sigma Iota Epsilon management honor society should meet out in front of Park and we'll all get our pictures taken and then we can put the photo up on the Park School website and in Second Life and on the blog....

but first you have to buy the hoodie.
This week.
In the lobby. They're taking orders.
Really. Like now. Today.

How about this: I will if you will.

(OK, so I will even if you won't...but it would be so much better if you would. And did. Wouldn't it? It would. Then I won't have to have my picture taken standing there all by myself....)


Anonymous Leanne said...

Dean Lynch,

Thank you so much for supporting SIE! We are working really hard to promote Parkie pride. SIE isn't just about business, its about Communications too!

-Leanne Gabinelli
VP of Communications
Sigma Iota Epsilon
Proud Parkie

11:19 PM  

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