Monday, December 17, 2007

28 in 4....and life after Park

This just in from alum Jesse Borrell. There IS life after Park, and it's pretty cool....

In 2002, a team (that I was not a part of) called "Across the Atlas" embarked on a quest to ski all the 28 Colorado Resorts in less than 4 days. Against all odds (and good common sense), they completed the adventure in 3 days, 4 hours and 21 minutes (a
Guinness world record that is still standing) all while raising $10,000 for charity.

In 2007, the Good Ski Guide Magazine and the network Current TV approached the team to attempt a similar world record in California. So on January 1st, we are to ski all 28 major California Resorts in less than 4 days, hence the name 28 in 4.

Where do my production qualifications fit in? I am to be the primary photographer for the event. Not only to I have to snowboard all of these mountains, but I also have to make the participants look good for various magazine articles. Cool huh? I am totally psyched for this event, and am proud to officially say that this is my first semi-professional gig outside of college!

The official website is:

So starting January 1st, probably when most are nursing hangovers and/or keeping to their New Year’s resolutions, the website will be tracking our progress through GPS tracking and picture uploads. Check out the site for other info obviously…

We will!


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