Tuesday, April 01, 2008

B-Ball and Giving Back: Make A Swish for a Wish

One of my mantras (in addition to "Just because you can doesn't mean you should," and "If you can dream it, you can do it") is

With privilege, comes responsibility.

One of those responsibilities is to give back, to take the time and exert the effort to make a difference in our world -- in small ways every day, and when we can and the opportunity presents itself, in big ways in combination with others.

You guys excel at that.

I get an email at least once a week about a benefit, a fundraiser, or a special event whose sole purpose is to raise funds, raise social awareness, and raise the bar -- whatever that might be -- in ways that will make the world a better place.

This one is probably nearer and dearer to my heart than some others: it's for kids who have life-threatening medical conditions and who are given the chance to make a wish, any wish....so please: turn out, show up, tie on those sneaks and grab your friends to make a team (talent is not a prerequisite, though enthusiasm certainly is....).

Spend a couple hours giving back to kids who need it. And if you can't afford the fee, call me: I've got you covered.

Here's the info:

Make A Swish for Make A Wish is a charity fundraising basketball
tournament. PRSSA is having this event to raise money for the Make A Wish
Foundation. We are trying to attract all students on campus to come and
support the cause or play in the tournament.

There is a 60$ minimum
donation fee for all teams. There will be food and drinks at the event, as
well as a live DJ and raffle prizes. All proceeds will go to the Make A
Wish foundation.

If you'd like to sign up please e-mail Jessica Carnduff,
PRSSA 2007-2008 President jcarndu1@ithaca.edu.


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