Thursday, September 25, 2008

Planning for fall break? You're invited to a Park party!

So the thrill of being back on campus (and it IS a thrill, right? I'm thrilled when you all come the feeling's mutual, right?) is probably sort of wearing off now that you've settled into the classes-homework-work routine, and you might even be looking ahead to fall break -- which isn't really all that much of a break but it seems like one on Thursday morning when you're getting up for class...

So as you do that, and you're thinking: What can I do in four days in the middle of October that I won't be able to do any other time in my whole life?

Nice as it would be to see the folks, going home isn't the only option.

This year, for the only time in your career here at Ithaca College (heck, for the only time in ANYBODY's career here at Ithaca College), you can attend the festivities of ICTV's 50th anniversary.

Yup, that's right: ICTV is 50. Middle-aged.

AND the oldest student-run television station in the country.

To mark that momentous occasion, Park has invited alumni back to campus from all over the country. And among the festivities will be a Saturday pre-football-game barbecue specifically designed to let you, our current Parkies, meet all of those former Parkies -- many of whom might turn out to be fabulous contacts for you all.

So mark your calendar: Saturday, October 18. And consider joining us.

And I'm picking up the tab, of course - free food AND great networking. Such a deal! (And we'll have more info next week about where you can pick up your free barbecue tickets -- so watch this space!)


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