Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This just in from LA: They want your docs....

Craig Reid is typing in from LA:

Dear Dean Lynch:

Hi there. This is Craig Reid typing in from Los Angeles....

The reason why I'm sending you an e-mail today is simple. I'm interning with a small satellite TV company called Time Television Broadcasting. It's independently owned, and we're currently in the process of preparing some shows for our launch date on October 1. I suggested to one of the Executive Producers of the station that we should have a show on the station that showcases some student documentaries/films on the network, and he totally loved that idea.

That's where you come in. I was hoping that you could spread the word to all the students at Park about this opportunity. Now, I know I can't do much in the way of compensation, but at least the students who do submit something can put on their resume that their documentary/film was aired on an international satellite TV station. And if people want to submit something, tell them to e-mail me at and I will give them more information via e-mail.

He's waiting to hear from you....


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