Tuesday, December 09, 2008

THANKS to all the freshmen who showed up at today's meeting!

As you may recall, I invited all of the Park freshmen to a meeting at noon today to talk about their first semester in the school.

And as usual, they had some great suggestions for how we can improve what we do around here. They talked about internships, and their experiences with the student media, and course registration, and new ways to be sure everybody around here knows what everybody else is doing (that collaboration/cooperation/communication thing).

It was inspiring to see so many dedicated, enthusiastic, excited and happy Parkies all in one place.

That's what I call a great way to spend my lunch hour.

When I posted the announcement about the meeting, I heard from a couple of sophomores and a couple of juniors, who asked whether THEY could have this kind of open meeting with me (the dean).

And we have been trying really hard to find a time that the Park Aud is free this week. Unfortunately (well, not exactly UNfortunately), the Aud is completely booked with all of our amazing student screenings.

So we're going to schedule those meetings as SOON as you get back to campus in January. The first week: we've already booked the Aud on Thursday, January 22 at noon for sophomores and on Tuesday, January 27 at noon for juniors.

And don't worry: we'll remind you.

In the meantime, if you have questions that need answers sooner than that, or concerns that can't wait, just come on up to the third floor and talk to Gwen; she'll find a time when we can meet before you head home for the holidays.....


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