Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Digital Photography....Developing Television Programs....Broadcast News.....You name it, we've got it!

So you're a journalism major who really wishes you could spend more time developing your broadcast news skills....

....or you're really interested in radio, and wish you had just a little more experience with the business end of the industry....

....or you'd just love to develop some expertise in documentary film and television, but Doc Research is .... well, it's pretty life-absorbing (but worth it....).....

No worries.

This spring, the Park School is offering more than 20 one-credit mini-courses -- most of them scheduled over a single weekend, others one hour per week over several weeks -- on everything from television script development to installation art and lighting. Many of them are already fully enrolled, but more than a dozen still have seats.

Here's the list. Pick one. You'll be glad you did (and yes, you enroll for them just like you would for any other course, on Homer....)

Planning the Live Remote Broadcast Audience Event (NLA)
Introduction to Motion Graphics/After Effects (NLA)
Executing the Live Remote Broadcast Audience Event (NLA)
Radio Sales and Marketing
Introduction to Motion Graphics/After Effects (NLA)
Workshop in Stop-motion Model Animation (NLA)
Basic Color Management & the Craft of Digital Photographic Printmaking (NLA)
Portrait Photography in the Studio and on Location (NLA)
Lighting Workshop (NLA)
Introduction to Post Production (NLA)
Minicourses in Communication: Documentary and Media Art Archival Retrieval (NLA)
Installation Art Practicum (NLA)
Editing Tracey Fragments (NLA)
Minicourses in Communication: Painting with Light: A Class for the Moving (NLA)
Sound Design Fundamentals (NLA)
Minicourses in Communication: Vocal Techniques for Multimedia Journalism (NLA)
TV Program Development & Management Seminar (NLA)
Broadcast New Reporting
Grant Writing for the Arts (LA)
Exploring the Documentary (Block 1)
Exploring the Documentary (Block 2)
Communications in Entrepreneurship (NLA)


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