Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VOTE! Now do it again. And again. (They'd do it for you....)

So this is one of those moments that makes the Park School the amazing place that it is: Your fellow Parkies need you. Over and over and over.

Here's the deal: A film produced by two of your fellow Parkies (Peter Corina and Tim Pfeffer) is a finalist in an online film competition: The Doorpost Film Festival.

The assignment was to make a short film about one of five words. Appropriately enough, the Park group chose the word "humility"; their film is one of 100 films competing for 10 finalist spots. Each of the ten finalists will win $30,000 to make another film, which will compete for a grand prize of $100,000.

The competition is intense: everybody else is a working professional.

So let's show the world what a little (OK a lot) of Park power can do: I know you're swamped, I know it's the end of the semester and you don't have FIVE MINUTES extra. But somehow I'm certain that you all will find a way to do this, anyway...somehow, you always do.

And the great thing is, we'd all do it for you, too.

Here are the steps:

Create a user name at http://www.thedoorpost.com

It takes 30 seconds.

Step 2 - WATCH
Type "Santa Man" in the top search browser, select "films" and click SEARCH and watch the film.

Pretty easy.

Step 3 - VOTE and COMMENT
After you have watched the film, click "VOTE NOW" on the left hand side of the screen.

Place your votes below the film.
It is separated into seven categories for each film, you also HAVE to write a unique comment.

In order for votes to count each viewer is required to watch four additional films in their "film queue".

Some of the films are pretty entertaining.

Once votes are cast, the Voting Queue will refresh with 5 different films for the Reviewer to continue if they wish.

For more info, check out the group's site: http://www.pier-pictures.com


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