Sunday, April 19, 2009

An eye-opening vision...

Talk about words of wisdom....

President Rochon met with about 50 students from across campus -- including reps from every school -- as part of the inauguration events last week. He wanted to hear what you have to say about the idea of integrated learning: What IF you could access the opportunities and programs of the entire college, no matter what school you're in? What kinds of projects would you want to create? What would that kind of campus look like? What would it mean to you?

The Ithacan
interviewed participants after the discussion and asked them to offer a one-word summary of their impressions of the event. Then the editors used a data-presentation application to show the frequency of each response.

That's the image you see at the top of this posting.

And there you have it: Eye-opening. Great. Opportunities. Involvement. Ideas. Integrative. Informative.....

Now that's my kind of vision -- because it's clearly YOUR kind of vision, too.


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