Monday, October 05, 2009

and the lucky French trip winners are...


The students chosen to go on the study trip to France in May are:

Emily Britz
Caylena Cahill
Zaneta Clarke
Rebecca Coffman
Alexander Dean
Deanna Deano
Jacqueline Dong
Alyssa Hume
Charlotte Hyman
Niko Mason
Kevin McCall
Kevin Metz
Sarah Paolantonio
Matthew Rakow
Sarah Reichle
Alana Sawyer
Jacquelyn Simone
T.J. Slipko
Mary Wilusz
Stephanie Wisniewski

The Five Alternates (in case any of the above cannot go are:

1. Nathan Loucks
2. Kayla McCormack
3. Chloe Scutt
4. Taylor Long
5. Catherine Hanu

Professor Janice Levy, who will be conducting the trip abroad,
will be in touch with you soon
to arrange times for your required
mini-course during the spring to prepare you for this
great opportunity.


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