Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gold medal for the Ithacan -- once again

Can we fit any more awards in the Ithacan display case?

Way to go, Ithacan staff ! The Ithacan has been named a Gold Medalist for both Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association's annual college newspaper critique.

Each year the CSPA evaluates member papers on overall content, news, depth reporting, features, opinion/editorial, sports, arts/entertainment, editing/headline writing, and design/graphics on the bases of more than 150 specific criteria. This year the newspaper's scores on the critique's 1,000-point scale were 977 for fall and 945 for spring. The CSPA consistently ranks the Ithacan as a gold medalist, its highest category.

Among the judges' comments: "You have an amazing publication.... I've seldom seen a better all-around newspaper. Often you'll find a nice section, good writing or solid design. But you have it all ... Hats off to the staff and adviser of The Ithacan. You are a top college newspaper. The paper is very strong in reporting, news, clear writing and solid graphics.... Keep up the great work."


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