Saturday, February 19, 2005

Park alum's What I Like About You

This just in from Susan Reiner, our Professional-in-Residence in the LA program. Those of you who know Susan also know what a thoughtful, kind, talented and intelligent person she is...and this is just one example of how proud she is of "her students" in Park (me, too):

Dear Dianne,

I know it's a cold winter in Ithaca, so a little excellent news to warm your heart. A success story.

One of my advisees in my first semester here, Ross Greenberg, would be the first to tell you how he grew, defined his goals, and gained self-confidence during his months in this program.

He interned at the Tollin/Robbins company and left a very good impression. Ross graduated, came back here and was hired back as a PA.

Some weeks ago, the producers of "What I Like About You," one of T/R's productions, gave all the PA's and entry level people the opportunity to submit story ideas for the show. The producers selected the story Ross submitted.

He's a few thousand bucks richer and very happy. It's a big win for a kid his age, this new to the business.

One of the show's producers spoke with me over the weekend about how proud they are of Ross. And, to his credit, Ross has invited me to be his guest at the taping of his episode this Friday night.



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