Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Come join us: The Admin Council needs a student rep


At our last Student Advisory Council, we talked about increasing student representation in Park decisionmaking. There are several ways to do that, and I am supportive of them all.

First, we can invite students to participate in the Park School's governance. That means student representation on our committees.

Today, at the Dean's Administrative Council -- comprised of all the department chairs; Dr. Sandra Herndon, the director of our grad program; David Priester from PPECS; Karen Wheeler, the dean's budget director; and Dr, Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, Associate Dean -- we talked about the value of student participation.

In response to that discussion, I've asked the faculty to consider inviting students onto every one of the Park committees (with the exception of those dealing with personnel issues). Each committee will make its own decision on the issue, consistent with its bylaws.

In the meantime, my Admin Council would like to invite you to apply to become a student representative to the committee. This is my 'leadership team,' which means we're likely to be discussing anything from budgets and enrollments to the qualities of leadership in an institution of higher education. We'll have two student reps, one from the undergrad and one from the grad program.

If you're interested, please email me, explain why you'd be a good representative, and what you'd bring to the discussion. We'll make the appointments for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Please: consider joining us. Your voice matters.



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