Saturday, February 26, 2005

NYC, The Gates, and Wicked: What a week!

Hey everybody,

If you've been trying to reach me this week, my apologies and try me again on Monday. I just returned from three days in New York City, where about 25 IC folks attended a workshop and and spent time with the college's trustees. We took the bus down on Tuesday morning and managed to get home (on very slippery roads) just after midnight on Thursday.

The meetings were held at the Cornell Club on 44th Street, and a group of us stayed nearby at the Harvard Club. Nice place, I guess, but no Internet access in my room...can you imagine that? Guess those Hahvahd people don't do email....

We also saw The Gates in Central Park. I actually consider myself a fan of the arts, but I have to tell you: they looked like a bunch of orange shower curtains to me (I know, I know: I missed the point....but I couldn't stop thinking about the old story about the Emperor's new clothes....) And just think about what that $20 million could have done for the homeless residents of New York City...somehow that 'feeding the soul' thing is a pretty poor substitute for addressing more immediate kinds of hunger.

For a bit of social satire on The Gates, take a look at The Somerville Gates, produced by a financial analyst in New York...he got more than a million hits on the site, and his cleaning lady took care of the exhibition with one swoop of a vacuum cleaner. But nothing ever dies on the Internet, so there are hundreds of bloggers who have captured the images for's one:

We also saw the Broadway show Wicked, which was amazing. Five IC alumni are involved in the show, including Michelle Federer, who plays NessaRose and has been a part of the show since its debut in 2003. We met with them after the show to find out what it's like to be on Broadway. It's a dream come true, they told us, AND very (very) hard work. They also talked about "the Ithaca Mafia," a network of IC alumni who help one another find work; two of our alumni are understudies for the major roles, and they got the job because Michelle let them know it was available.

As I've said before on this page, every time I turn around I come across yet another example of the ways in which members of the IC 'family' take care of one another long after they have left the campus.

Finally, I want to tell you that the student member of the board of trustees, Raphael Golberstein, is doing an extraordinary job; you are definitely well represented. No surprise there: after all, he IS a Parkie!

Have a great weekend.



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