Thursday, March 10, 2005

Travel Antigua...with the Dean


Ever thought about being a travel writer? a magazine writer? a literary journalist? (How about an explorer, an adventurer, a vagabond?)

If so, please consider joining me in Antigua the last two weeks of May for a workshop designed to help you master the craft of writing about place.

What will it involve?

We'll meet first here on campus. We'll talk about the nuts and bolts of magazine writing in general, and travel writing in particular. You'll find out how people get a job at places like Lonely Planet and Fodor's. You'll get a sense of the marketplace, how to pitch a story, and what travel and magazine editors are looking for when they read a proposal. And we'll examine the culture and history of Antigua as a backdrop to your own experiences there.

On May 16, we'll become travel writers. Once on the island, your work will be limited only by your imagination and observation skills. You'll wander. You'll watch. You'll listen. You'll ask questions. And you'll engage with the art of voice -- character, narrative and pacing -- as you capture the stories of an island nation and its people.

And, of course, you'll write. And critique. And rewrite. Until it's perfect.

When we get back to Ithaca, we'll compile your work into a magazine that we will publish for distribution to Antiguan schools and libraries.

If you've ever considered working as a literary journalist, as a magazine writer, as a travel writer....heck, if you've ever considered working as a writer of any kind, this will be an experience worth having.

Here are the details:

When: May 15-28. We'll fly out of JFK.
Tuition: $690/credit (it's a one-credit workshop)
Lodging and food: $1650 (inclusive of taxes and fees and all services at Jolly Beach Resort; based on $110 per person, double occupancy). It's a beautiful place, but this is not an island vacation...this is about work. Hard work. And that's the best part.
Airfare: $399 (inclusive of all taxes and fees) from JFK. Such a deal.

TOTAL: $2739

If you're interested, please email me or contact my assistant, Bonnie Ryan, at, or 4.3895.

Please consider joining me. I can't wait.

All best,


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