Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This is REALLY cool!

Zack Wilson has been working for months on a really amazing project that collaboration and communication and connection -- right here at IC. Here's Zack's description:

We'd like to introduce you to "the nZ Network" - which is an idea from a group of students at Ithaca College about allowing people to collaborate and communicate in the creative arts with others involved.

It can be found at

This is something new. Kind of like a Facebook for media students and producers - except designed for people to collaborate, share their own work to display and to get feedback, have a past history of productions available, get to work with people you'd never have had the chance to before, and help people to REALLY get to know the media in every aspect - even outside of your concentrations.

Some of the features and areas are :

"My Productions" - where all of the productions you are currently involved with can post their schedules, scripts, photos, rehearsal times, etc and are only available to people within the production.

"My Profile" - an area where you can showcase your previous experiences, production interests, abilities, and photos. Others and yourself can access this information and find people who might be interested in areas of productions

"Want Ads" - This is a section where upcoming productions can post positions needed in crew and acting. Also if you are seeking any sort of crew or acting position, you can place an add as well.

"Show Us Your Stuff" - Where people can post their work and receive feedback from the community.

"Knowledge Base" - An area where if you run into a technical problem, or are looking for advice or sources of information - you can find it.

Why are we doing this? Simply because we want to network, learn, display, connect, and see what happens. You probably do too - or you wouldn't be in media.

The more we know as we graduate, the better we are when we get into jobs. The better we are when we get jobs, the more employers and the media industry will recognize our college and our networks as valuable. The more our college becomes recognized, the most valuable your degree and experience at them are. We go to one of the best communications schools, have some of the best acting abilities, the best designers, the best journalists, the best musicians - take advantage of it! This can give you the ability to network with the best - which a lot of us know is half of the battle.

We encourage both students, faculty members, and community members interested in any sort of media or art form to join the network. The best way to learn in the creative arts is to build on each others knowledge and to collaborate with other talented individuals.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me at

Zack Wilson - 2007 TV/Radio


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