Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lunch, great ideas, lunch, and more great ideas

Hey everybody,

We had the first meeting today of the Park School's new Dean's Host Committee, a group of Park students who will be the leaders of our new Outreach Program for prospective students.

The group will meet over the next six weeks to develop a new approach to the way we interact with our prospective students -- from Park and college tours, to overnight visits, to phone-a-thons to accepted students (we agreed they'd be OK, but ONLY if we got a bunch of Park kids together, representing all majors, and let them do the calling together...AND if we let the accepted students know in advance that we'd be calling....) I bought lunch, and boy, what a great investment! I already have a list of great ideas and possible program changes, and we're just getting started.

We're planning our next meeting in a couple of weeks -- I'm ordering fajitas, they're the best Sodexho lunch there is -- to keep the conversation going. After that, we'll come up with a set of important ideas and talking points that all Park tour guides will use in their presentations -- developed by students, FOR our prospective students -- and we'll start holding training workshops for all of our tour guides. We agreed that we want to talk to prospective students about LIFE in the Park School -- not about the technology, but about how and why we use it the way we do.

I left the meeting feeling so great about the talent, energy and commitment of our's amazing.

If you missed the first meeting and want to join us, let me know by contacting April Korpi, my assistant, at, or by calling 4-3895.



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