Sunday, September 11, 2005

Updates: Zack, and the IC Film Club


Zack is back from New York City, where he interviewed alum Mark Romanek for MTV-U; he says it went well and wonders why we haven't asked Romanek to come to campus. The short answer is that we have, several times, but he's just too booked to find the time. Maybe he'll change his mind now that he's had the opportunity to meet Zack....

And several of you couldn't make it to the IC Film Association meeting last week because you had to attend O'Brien's lecture (which was great, by the way). If you're still interested in the club, you can find all the contact information you need at the club's official college Web page:

Finally, Simon Tarr tipped me off tonight to the fact that the blog was being spammed....I just reset things so you'll now have to do that 'word verification' thing when you post a message. Human beings can do that; spamming bots can't. Thanks for your patience.



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