Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Zack Wilson heads to MTV-U! Wahoo!

How's this for some great news:

Park School junior Zach Wilson is headed to New York tomorrow morning, where he'll do an on-camera interview Thursday with '81 alum and acclaimed music-video director Mark Romanek on a show called "Fifteen minutes with...."

Wilson was among three Park students nominated by faculty after MTV-U contacted me to see if we had any students who might be able and willing to do the interview. Zach was selected by MTV-U after a telephone interview.

MTV-U is a cable channel available on more than 700 campuses nationwide. Unfortunately, it's not available at IC, but we'll see if we can find a way to get the tape, nonetheless.

Congratulations, Zach! Say hello to Mark for us....

And speaking of which, here's a little background on Mark Romanek...another amazing alum from the communications school:

Mark romanek has directed numerous award winning music-videos for such diverse artists as: fiona apple, audioslave, beck, david bowie, johnny cash, eels, macy gray, janet jackson, michael jackson, mick jagger, jay-z, lenny kravitz, madonna, nine inch nails, no doubt, iggy pop, red hot chili peppers, r.e.m., linkin park, keith richards, and sonic youth.

romanek’s music videos have received numerous awards, including over twenty mtv awards, three grammys, a country music association award, and three billboard music awards. two of romanek’s music videos have become part of the permanent collection of new york's museum of modern art.

in 1997, mtv presented him with its video vanguard award for his overall contribution to the medium. it was the first time this award was presented to a filmmaker. (previous recipients have included michael jackson, madonna, peter gabriel, david bowie, and david byrne.)

mark has also directed many tv spots for such clients as: apple, nike, calvin klein, american express, espn, saturn, acura, and cirque du soleil.

more recently, mark directed the feature film, one hour photo, from his own screenplay. the film stars robin williams, connie nielsen, michael vartan, and eriq lasalle. one hour photo had its world premiere (out of competition) at the 2002 sundance film festival. the film received the prix du public, prix premiere, and the prix du jury awards at the 2002 deauville festival of american film.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His name is Zack Wilson, not Zach.
Woo Zack, regardless. And why can't we get this legend to speak here? Or screen his amazing work, at least?

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got back from NYC for the interview - and it went really well. Romanek had some really insightful things to say about his production styles and his career - he's extremely intelligent and very down-to-earth and friendly. Maybe we can get him to speak at Park sometime in the near future??

I think the interview should be edited this weekend and will be on the MTVu website soon after - www.mtvu.com/uber/


11:17 PM  
Blogger Dianne said...

Oops, sorry for the misspelling, Zack. But HURRAH nonetheless. I'm so glad things went well, and I'll watch for the interview on the site. Congratulations!

And we've invited Mark to campus on several occasions; he hasn't been able to find the time. Maybe he'll be so impressed by your performance that he'll change his mind....

8:06 PM  

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