Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kudos to VIC: There are some amazing things goin' on online....

OK, so all of the student media in Park are amazing. And all of the students who put in the gazillions of hours to make them amazing are....well, amazing.

But once in awhile, certain folks deserve specific praise, and this week -- and maybe last week and next week, while I'm at it -- it's the staffers at 106-VIC.

The station has always been a great place to do radio, but let's face it: no matter how great it was, and no matter how outstanding its staffers were, the universe of potential listeners was...well, let's call it limited.

No more! Thanks to the amazing leadership of Amanda Horning, and with the help of our one-and-only Chris Wheatley, 106-VIC is now streaming on -- which means that its audience has expanded exponentially. Like by leaps and bounds. Like now your sister and your mother and your grandmother can log on and listen to VIC any time they want to.

The station's staff deserves a round of applause (hurrah! clap clap clap) and our sincere congratulations for working so hard to make radio at IC that much better.

There are lots (and lots) of people who make VIC what it is, but here's a list of a few of them....Next time you see these guys in the hallway, shake their hand(s), and tell 'em what a great job they're doing:

Amy Buglass
Cody Holyoke
Holly Pietromonaco
Russ Hadaya
Paul Neet
Catie MacBlane
Justin Fuhrmann
Shaun Lang
Ally Mitchell
Brooke Hundley
Adam Trabka
Zach Timm
Rachel Rauch
Pat Johnson

My thanks. The Park School is getting better and better...and it's because of all of you.


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