Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doc from someone who knows...

Jeremy Levine included me on an email he sent to several students about his experience in Doc Research. There are many (many) great courses in Park, but Doc Research is often cited when I ask students about the hardest and most rewarding course in the school.

For reasons that I don't understand, enrollments this semester are way down. Here's what Jeremy has to say about it;

Hey all,

I just wanted to reiterate that doc research really is a an incredible
experience and if you are even considering it, I would highly encourage
you to come to class this week and check it out. There really is no other
class where you can find yourself in Finland chasing women who pick up
cars and other large objects for a living or in Arizona
shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of armed guys in camo and think "hell,
this is for class."

It really is a lot of fun and, if this interests you, will probably be the
biggest resume builder of your entire career at Ithaca College. Of course,
it will be challenging, but that comes with the terriroty.....
classes meet MWF from 1-2 with an extra W session from 4-5 pm. I highly
encourage you to stop by...... Hope to see some of you soon,


Anonymous Eric said...

I'll back up Jeremy's statements about Doc Research, and this is from a guy who took the class 16 years ago. I'm sure its even better now with what the students can put together on the cheap. And Travel? Back in 1990, it was all about local stuff. I wish I could take it today.

You can read my memories about it at

I've been amazed over the last year how many people have found my Doc Res blog entry and dropped me a note to say "yeah... that's how I remember it, too."

9:45 AM  
Blogger Sudhanshu said...

I was at New York Networking and I was chatting with this alum who runs NYT Web TV, and he told me: Im not giving you an internship unless you've had a class with Ben Crane. Such is loyalty! I tried explaining to him that I was a film major, and a class with Prof. Crane would be an elective for me, or tried confusing Ben with Cathy but he wouldn't listen... so guys, just take it. As Levine's housemate, let me tell you, that class must be GOOd coz that boy won't work unless he absolutely wants to. ~Suds

6:38 PM  

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